Zoft is a duo/band set up by Damien Magnette and Nicolas Gitto in Brussels in 2008. After experimenting various line-ups (with a singer, an electronics musician or even a tuba player), they decided to be two musicians in the band only. They also chose to focus their work on home made instruments construction. Therefore, they started to build a series of sound sculptures. The sound sculptures they made are working with small engines to be triggered by both musicians while playing. The sound sculptures then start to produce sounds and lights, so the whole performance is progressively lightened by the music. Zoft toured in France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. They are currently working on new projects involving home made electro-acoustic instruments. Their first album is released on Humpty Dumpty records.


Damien is a sound artist and self taught drummer born in 1982 in Namur, currently living and working  in Brussels. He is the founder of the wild classical music ensemble, a free-punk band with mentally disabled musicians ( He also works on radio documentaries and sound creations (ARTE radio,SilenceRadio , ACSR), he composed music for dance performances, and made several concerts of  free improvised music with home made sound sculptures.


Nico  is a self taught guitarist born in 1982 in Brussels, currently living and working  there.

He has played in several Rock ‘n Roll bands. Lately he put more interest in the free improvised  music and experimental music.

He’s actually a member of  :